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       Let me introduce myself.  My name is William Combs, I LIVE IN STANTON KENTUCKY 40 MIN EAST OF LEXINGTON KENTUCKY. I have spent the last 20+ years ownING AND OPERATING a Graphic Design & Radio business. IN THAT TIME I felt the call to help Artist, churches, organizations, as well as businesses, achieve their dreams.  So, in 2014 the radio station I owned SOLD and I decided to continue my graphic design business and branch out and include radio promotion company.  I have watched as many become frustrated at the amount of money it takes to get great graphic work DONE. My company is here to prove that you can have top quality graphics work and radio promotions done for less and be available to you when you call.


    Since 1995 I have created over 2500 logos and branding images, 85 websites & started a brand new custom mobile app division.  I work hard to provide the highest quality of work for any business, organization & even your music business. WE PROVIDE GRAPHICS THAT MAKE PEOPLE STOP AND NOTICE YOU.


       I  HAVE structured this company in a way that helps you in more ways than one. Never before have I found ANY (legitimate) company that offered a sleek, professional website with Logo design while including 12 months of support, hosting & domain management and giving the client 100% assurance that their website will be up and functional cost LESS THAN $4,000 AND WITHOUT REQUIRING A MONTHLY FEE TOO, we do it for a fraction of the cost. 


      I worked primarily on web, mobile, and logo design over the years. In 2010 we branched out to provide printed material such as flyers, banner, business cards & so much more. We work with top companies that do work for Coca Cola and Pepsi and or stores like Buckle & Abercrombie and Fitch. I love to work with business big or small. All I ask is that you check out our website, go to the contact page and submit a request for more information about whatever that you are needing. Whether it be logo, graphic design, even any of our artist services, I can help!


Sincerely yours,

William Combs

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